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PC Strand

Haggie PC strand has earned an excellent reputation in Australia for consistent quality and straightness. It is the preferred choice of many post-tensioning contractors.

7 Wire Strand manufactured to AS/NZS4672
Relax 2 (formerly Low Relaxation)
Nominal Strand Diameter (mm)�Nominal Strand Tensile Strength (MPa)�Nominal Strand Cross Sectional Area (mm2)Mass per Metre (g/m)Characteristic Properties
Minimum Breaking Force (kN)Minimum Force @ 0.1% Proof Load (kN)Minimum Force @ 0.2% Proof Load (kN)
The following characteristics are applicable to all "Relax 2" strand diameters:-
*Minimum breaking elongation of 3.5%.
*Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) of 195 GPa �}10 GPa based on a chord drawn on the slope between 20% and 70% of the maximum load, unless otherwise specified by the customer.
*Curvature (Straightness) - <=9.50mm : maximum of 35 mm; >9.50mm : maximum of 25 mm.
*Maximum relaxation after 1000 hours:- @ 80% of maximum breaking force.3.5%; @ 70% of maximum breaking force.2.5%.
Nominal type, nominal diameter and nominal tensile strength are for designation purposes only.
Other strand diameters and tensile grades are available on request.


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