Haggie Reid Pty Ltd
Company Profile

Haggie Reid Pty Ltd is an Australian subsidiary of South African steel maker Scaw Metals. Other companies which are part of Scaw Metals' Australian group include PWB Anchor & Crushing Equipment.

Haggie Reid Pty Ltd primarily source its products from Haggie Steel Wire Ropes (Established 1921) one of the �big five� rope makers worldwide and from Haggie Wire and Strand one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of PC strand worldwide.
Our Purpose

The primary purpose of Haggie Reid Pty Ltd is the marketing of a range of high performance steel wire ropes used in the mining industry and a range of specialist low relaxation PC Strand and wire products used in the Construction Industry.

The company provides a comprehensive back up of professional technical support and also facilitates cost effective and efficient continuity of supply and distribution of these products throughout Australia.
Our Australian Location

The company has modern premises located to the west of Sydney at St Mary where ropes and PC strand are handled and stored before despatch to customer sites.

Facilities include substantial materials handling equipment as well as a technical laboratory capable of handling complex rope investigations.
Our Team

Haggie Reid employs a small but specialised team to give logistical & technical sales support to its products.

Well trained and experienced rope engineers are active daily on mine sites assisting customers with effective management of their ropes.
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