Haggie Reid Pty Ltd
Haggie Reid Pty Ltd markets & distributes specialised steel wire, strand and rope products within Australia.

The consistent high quality of our products is of paramount importance to us and we are driven by the need for continuous improvement.

Our team is structured and trained to provide the highest level of technical support to our customers.
Our business is focussed on:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Wire Ropes for specific use in the Mining Industry. This includes mine hoisting ropes, dragline and shovel ropes.

  • Low Relaxation Wire and PC Strand for the Post Tensioning and Pre-stressing concrete reinforcing sector of the Construction Industry.

Excavator Ropes
Winder Ropes
PC Strand
PC Wire
FibreMax Pendant Ropes

Ropes Optimiser is our proprietary performance software which is utilised by our experienced Rope Engineer's team to enhance our customer service.
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